Double Days for Days…


Getting all of my workouts in, feeling super strong. Today, I actually felt pretty good in the water, felt strong, felt fluid, relaxed in the water and breathed well. Swimming has not come easily to me, it’s been a tough mind game every day. But I’m winning, my body is realizing, slowly, that it’s not drowning. Today, while listening to my music while swimming, I was able to think, lose myself and finally, just swim. I often feel this way while running, just thinking and breathing and losing myself, but never in the pool. Today was that day. πŸ™‚

My run on the other hand, was miserable! Pouring down rain, super windy. But I actually ran a touch faster, I’m sure to escape the down pour, and got to see my bestie, Amber. So, it was a win.

In other news, another race has been added to my race list… Wait for it. Wait for it.


Its an Olympic distance Tri, in open water, a few weeks before the IM, and will give me the confidence I’ll need prior to the big race. Stress and anxiousness have been major barriers for me in the past when doing races, so a great training schedule and practice runs make a huge difference for me. Check out the race here:ΒΒ .

One thought on “Double Days for Days…

  1. A triathlon.. that sounds intense.!! I would love to try one someday, but I don’t know how to swim. lol


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