Snake River Triathlon Recap


Packet Pickup: So this Triathlon is a lot different then most sprint Triathlons because the swim is actually the night before the rest of the triathlon. So you go swim at the Aquatic Center, then you start based off of hat time. I’ll go into more details below. You picked up your packet the night of the swim, at the Aquatic Center.

Swim: Swimming is, by far, my weakest of the three sports… I’ve been improving, but my fastest timed 500m prior to the race was 12:00min. Your swim speed determined the following morning how far behind the starting gun you’d start. I finished in 10:40, which I was absolutely elated about. Having Twila, the Mermaid, sitting at the edge of the pool rooting for me, really, really helped. It felt like sooo long in the water. When I looked up at the timer, and he said 10:40, I couldn’t have felt more relieved.


Bike: The following morning everyone met prior to race time, set up their transition areas and put their bikes on the rack. I was so nervous. Everyone visited and kind of prepped. Around 9:50, everyone lined up behind the clock. The clock started timing at 10am, when your time came across you ran to your bike, walked it out of the transition area and took off. I felt strong on the bike. We’d already done the loop twice in the past week, so I was familiar with the path and knew what to expect. Passing people was new to me, but it was easy and seamless. It was all hills up to 6.5, which meant coming back was downhill and fast.


Run: Transitioning to the run was quick. Clipped out, walked my bike into transition, switched my shoes, pulled on my race bib holder and took off. The feeling after biking and starting to run is awkward, but my legs did fine. Knowing it was only two miles was great. So just ran out and back. Running back in, my family was waiting, which was great!


Final Time: 1:15. Feeling good about this. And feeling great about our training and the approaching Ironman 70.3. And my girl Twila, the Mermaid, crushed this thing, 1:13 and placing second in her AG!!

Prep: Ate a whole wheat bagel, drank two cups of coffee with Homemade almond milk, ate a Honey Stinger Waffle, took pre-workout, three Sports Legs, a Nuun tablet and two Naproxen prior to the race. More gear than I can even name… Thankful for my Ogio and Honey Stinger gear.


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