OCD Much?!?

While looking at my training schedule on the fridge today, I also double checked the kids’ schedule and thought about entering my morning swim into my training peaks calendar… Uhhhhh, OCD much? Here’s just an idea of how much I schedule my training, my kids’ schedule, my work, well, my life…


My training schedule up top (which I have a copy of at work and in my briefcase, you know, just in case…). The lower calendar is the family calendar. The girls’ school events, programs, show & tell days… If it isn’t on this calendar, it will be forgotten.


And above The Brains… Meal calendar, when to eat what surrounding my workouts (still trial and error at this point), chores, what to pack for each session (you know, cause I can’t be caught with everything I need), and any reminders.


My work calendar (names of patients have been blacked out for privacy reasons) and my training schedule worked around work… Well, more like, my work around my training schedule.


I even schedule my water!!!!!!!!!


Here is where things get a little OCD-ish… This is my training peaks calendar, where I can input my training sessions times and distances and compare them… BUT, with my new Garmin Fenix 3, this may be one less calendar!


Oh my goodness, this watch is amazing. The data this watch has at my finger tips is an OCD-ers dream. And you can use it in the pool! For the swim it tracked my total swim time, my time per lap, my strokes per lap, my distance, best pace, average pace, calories, ect ect ect. I’m in love. I loved my old Garmin, and this one makes it look like a dinosaur. For my run tonight, it took no time at all to look for signals, just hit start and ran! Again tracks everything you can imagine, even vibrates at each mile. Amazing. AND, it syncs to my phone (it shows all my calendars on it! Lol!), tracks my steps (like an Up Band or FitBit but more accurately since its GPS instead of movement), tracks your sleep, even syncs to My Fitness Pal.

And it does all the stat comparing for me!!! Tracks my PRs every way imaginable!!!! And I haven’t even gotten into all the extras! What?!?!? 😍 love it!!!!!

Psst… Did I mention I have a sprint triathlon this weekend??? 😳

3 thoughts on “OCD Much?!?

  1. Omg! That watch sounds amazing!! Why did you decide to go with the Fenix 3 vs the 920xt? Which garmin did you have before this? Does it feel heavy? Do you wear it as a regular watch?

    I’m s excited to have someone to ask about the Fenix!


  2. It is amazing!!!!

    This had several updates since the 920xt came out in October and I liked the appearance of this one more.

    I had the Garmin Forerunner 110. Which I never had issues with but this Garmin is like comparing the old Nokias to an iPhone 6.

    I have been wearing it as a watch. It’s not really heavy, somewhat heavier than the average watch I personally would wear, but certainly larger, like a men’s watch. But I love the activity tracker data.


  3. Garmin data doesn’t sync to training peaks? Do you have to manually export from garmin connect to Training Peaks?

    Good luck at your Sprint Tri this weekend! Which one are you doing?


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