The Bottomless Running Bucket List!

So, after reading Mermaid Twila’s blog, discussing Bucket Lists, I got to thinking about mine… Last year in April, I wrote a blog about My Running Bucket List, where I had the the five following items listed:

  1. CDA Marathon
  2. Rock n Roll Las Vegas
  3. Disney Marathon (or Half)
  4. Honolulu Marathon
  5. Ironman

So I am not disappointed in what I have (or will) accomplish this year! I ran the CDA shorty after that post. Will run the Disney Tinkerbell 5k, 10k and Half Marathon in May, and currently training for the Boise Ironman 70.3 this June!

So… Where does that leave my running bucket list? And what else have I decide I must do before I die?

Running Bucket List

  1. Rock n Roll Las Vegas (Half or Full)
  2. Honolulu Marathon (Not likely this year…)
  3. A full Ironman (I want to research this more to decide where I want this to happen, but if I don’t drown, die or absolutely hate the half in June, the full is next on my list…)
  4. Ragnar (We are doing a few relay races this year with a group, but I so badly want to do Ragnar, it falls on the weekend of Bill’s family reunion, so next year, this is firmly going on the list)
  5. Spartan Trifecta (Mermaid Twila has done this, and I soooo badly want to do it too, I haven’t looked into it much, but after doing just the one, I know that I want to do another three to complete a trifecta.)
  6. A huge name Marathon (Boston, Chicago or New York.)
  7. A Century Bike Race (I want to research this more too, no idea where this will happen, yet!)
  8. Crater Lake Rim Run (Half or Full)

So, the running bucket list has gotten longer…And I have a feeling it will just keep going, but hell, I have a lot of living to do before I go!


And now, I am thinking more and more about my personal bucket list… More to come.

5 thoughts on “The Bottomless Running Bucket List!

  1. I would suggest adding Rock n Roll phoenix AZ. If you do vegas and Az,you receive a double down in desert medal. Just a thought. I am doing both this yr.


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