Super Productive Sunday!

What a day!


Two great workouts, so thankful for Twila, I cannot imagine doing all these workouts alone.

First a bike ride of the route for the local triathlon next weekend. It was rainy, foggy and wet out. I was super nervous about riding for the first time on the road, first time in the rain and first time in the fog. But it went great!!! No issues with traffic, wet roads, or fog. It’s a hilly ride and it felt good going up those hills! I’m feeling overall pretty positive about the race next weekend.


Also, I wrecked. Not some cool wreck, like I was attacked by a bear, BUT a lame one. I was stopped, talking to Twila at the half way, and tipped over. And it hurt. Mostly hurt my pride.

Afterwards I went home to clean, bleach and re-arrange the pantry. And nine million loads of laundry.


Then, off to the pool with the girlies to meet back up with Twila and her son. 1200 meter swim. And for the second time, in a row, I am feeling good in the water. Maybe, a teeny, tiny bit, enjoying it. πŸ™‚


When I got home, bleached and cleaned out the fridge and freezer. And cleaned the carpets and Kimbos ottoman with the carpet cleaner. Super Productive Day!!!!!!


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