St. Pattys Day 5k & then some…

This morning I was scheduled for a nine mile run.

Last night the girlies had friends over, so I also had a basement full of little ladies at home.


So trying to get my miles in early and make the St. Pattys Day 5k and also save my husbands sanity, I decided to run the additional 6 miles before the race, with my equally crazy Ironwoman-to-be Twila. Which felt pretty dang good!


And my even on tired legs, my splits were pretty good at the 5k. And, my sister was there and rubbed my butt immediately (Well, foamed rolled my achy hip anyways!). My sister works at a local chiropractic office and she is amaze-balls (and she’s graduating from college super soon with a kinesiology degree!!!).


I love running with all the cool folks I’m running with lately. Having motivating friends out there makes me work harder and keeps these races so much fun.


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