Snake River Half Marathon

What a great day! This race was a PR for me. It has been a very, very long time since I’ve hit a PR at any distance. I’m crediting it to all this crazy IM training. The headwind the first 6.5 miles was pretty strong. I kept thinking how great it would be when I turned around, to have that wind to my back. But, the second I turned around, ZERO WIND. What the hell? It was sunny and the temperature was perfect. There were aide stations every two miles. And I fueled half way with a package of Honey Stinger chews.

There was a great turn out of folks I know, which made the race a lot more fun!


(Before the race)


(After the race)

image image

It was also a major PR for my girl Amber.

Great race!!

4 thoughts on “Snake River Half Marathon

  1. Great job ladies, it was an awesome day for a run. You looked strong and comfortable, great to hear about the PR, congrats on that and your finish! Keep up all the hard work, you are crushing your training, woooohoooo you rock!


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