Life gets in the way, flexibility is a must!

Every week is a challenge, fitting in nine training sessions in six days (one day for rest a week is a must!!), working full-time while not neglecting my family or my job proves to be somewhat tricky sometimes. This is week I need to fit in a few activities with the girls’ school and a half marathon Saturday.


So swapped up my Friday spinning class for today, to allow for a rest day Friday before the race. Moving my long bike ride and long swimming session to Sunday. So my schedule this week:

Monday: Spinning

Tuesday: AM 800m swim & PM 4.5mi run

Wednesday: Spinning

Thursday: AM 850m swim & PM 4.5mi run

Friday: Rest Day!

Saturday: Snake River Half Marathon

Sunday: 20 mile bike ride & 1000m swim

image image

And tonight, plenty of foam rolling and stretching, get some stiffness out. And a little reading!!!


And, by marking times to have my water down and refill my water bottle, I was able to get all my recommended water down! Hurray!

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