Sunday Funday!


Great workouts today with The Mermaid! 35 miles on the bike with 3 pit stops, back to the car in 2:21, not bad! Worked on drinking, eating and staying in aero on the bike. Was able to do all three better than I had anticipated. 🙂

Followed by a 1400 yard swim, not my cup o’ tea but got the workout done regardless. Feeling more and more confident about the swimming portion of the HIM the more people I talk to about it, thankfully.

Foam rolled this afternoon. Hopefully my hips thank me in the morning!


11 weeks out from the HIM… WOW. I’m confident in our training plan and where we are at. But the nerves are still there!

Fifteen Things You Should Know About Me

If we were strangers and you met me and there was any chance that we would become the best of friends, there are a few things about me you should know before we even start down the friendship path.


1. I cannot stand whistling. More than I can even express. The noise makes me so crazy. If we meet, and you are walking along whistling blissfully, we are done, friendship terminated.

2. I like cheap wine. I like expensive wine too. But honestly I’ll happily drink a glass of boxed Sangria and probably enjoy it more than an expensive bottle I’ve picked up at a winery. I’m not fancy.

3. I hate cats. Like really detest them. If there is a hell, I swear it will be lined with these evil, furry little devils.

4. I’m a horrible, awful driver. Right now, you are thinking, oh yeah, you are too. No, trust me. Wear your seatbelt.

5. I’m super OCD. I know this is an issue of mine. But I don’t care. Get over it. I make lists, schedules, I plan details, I make spreadsheets, meal plan, keep notes… Seriously, don’t fold my towels, you’ll do it wrong. There is only one right way to hang toilet paper, no other way makes sense. Why don’t people think before they load a dishwasher, it’s like a puzzle. And for the love of God, do not write on my to do lists or my calendar, just walk away.

6. I swear. Like all the time. Like F-Bomb. C-word. I admit I’m a cusser. I’d like to think I’ll work on this some day, but I’m sure I won’t. I won’t cuss at you. I don’t swear when I’m angry. I just cuss. Too much. But it’s not something I’m working on being better about.

7. I’m a super arguer. My parents used to tell me, you’ll be a lawyer, I’m not. So instead I’m just a super arguer.

8. If we met, and do something crappy and I’m wrong, there is a 99.9% chance I won’t admit it or say I’m sorry. I know this is a huge flaw. I’d like to say it has improved over time but honestly, it hasn’t. See #7…

9. I can eat more food than you’d think was even humanly possible. I can put away some serious groceries. And if I workout and I don’t get to eat, like right away, I will get soooooo Hu-Angry. Watch out.

10. I love coffee. If I hate you when we meet, and you buy me coffee, I’ll forgive you. I love coffee that much.

11. I don’t like to wear pants. If there is a way I can wear leggings, running capris/tights, or yoga pants ANYWHERE, I will try. I don’t wear my PJs or sweats to Walmart, but I’d happily sport yoga pants to pretty much anywhere.

12. I shop, almost exclusively, online. If they sell it on Amazon or Zulily, done deal. I just hate having to go into a store. The last two Christmas’ in a row, I bought almost no gifts in a store, which goes back to #2 and #11, I can wear yoga pants and drink cheap wine and shop online.

13. I can fall asleep, soundly, just about anywhere. Snoring, loud kids, the TV, lights, whatever, I can fall asleep and stay asleep until morning. And I typically only need 6-7 hours of sleep each night. Since started IM 70.3 training, I have needed a little more.

14. I sing in the car. Super loud. And I love doing this. Even when other people are in the car.

15. I kiss my dog. On the mouth. Not like with my tounge or pervy. But I love her. And I kiss her mouth. And I love it when she licks all over my face.

Cerberus, the Hellhound

While reading several triathlon blogs and triathlon bike posts online, I’ve heard about the need to name your Tri-bike. That this is important. IMPORTANT. So, tonight, I named my trusty bike.


So, tonight, my bike was named, Cerberus.

According to Wikipedia: “in Greek and Roman mythology, is a three-headed dog, or “hellhound” with a serpent’s tail, a mane of snakes, and a lion’s claws. He guards the entrance of the Greek underworld to prevent the dead from escaping and the living from entering”.


Cerberus, the tri-headed hellhound that’s going to drag me to hell and back.


And, I did get a quick 12 miles in on my lunch break today! Woo hoo!

Double Days for Days…


Getting all of my workouts in, feeling super strong. Today, I actually felt pretty good in the water, felt strong, felt fluid, relaxed in the water and breathed well. Swimming has not come easily to me, it’s been a tough mind game every day. But I’m winning, my body is realizing, slowly, that it’s not drowning. Today, while listening to my music while swimming, I was able to think, lose myself and finally, just swim. I often feel this way while running, just thinking and breathing and losing myself, but never in the pool. Today was that day. 🙂

My run on the other hand, was miserable! Pouring down rain, super windy. But I actually ran a touch faster, I’m sure to escape the down pour, and got to see my bestie, Amber. So, it was a win.

In other news, another race has been added to my race list… Wait for it. Wait for it.


Its an Olympic distance Tri, in open water, a few weeks before the IM, and will give me the confidence I’ll need prior to the big race. Stress and anxiousness have been major barriers for me in the past when doing races, so a great training schedule and practice runs make a huge difference for me. Check out the race here: .

Upcoming Training!

Completed this week’s training with a running-biking brick. 8 mile run followed by a 12 mile bike ride! Feeling super positive about this HIM training!


This week’s upcoming training!


This week is going to be super busy with all the training, work, all five kids being home, a race in Spokane and my neice’s 1st birthday!


Snake River Triathlon Recap


Packet Pickup: So this Triathlon is a lot different then most sprint Triathlons because the swim is actually the night before the rest of the triathlon. So you go swim at the Aquatic Center, then you start based off of hat time. I’ll go into more details below. You picked up your packet the night of the swim, at the Aquatic Center.

Swim: Swimming is, by far, my weakest of the three sports… I’ve been improving, but my fastest timed 500m prior to the race was 12:00min. Your swim speed determined the following morning how far behind the starting gun you’d start. I finished in 10:40, which I was absolutely elated about. Having Twila, the Mermaid, sitting at the edge of the pool rooting for me, really, really helped. It felt like sooo long in the water. When I looked up at the timer, and he said 10:40, I couldn’t have felt more relieved.


Bike: The following morning everyone met prior to race time, set up their transition areas and put their bikes on the rack. I was so nervous. Everyone visited and kind of prepped. Around 9:50, everyone lined up behind the clock. The clock started timing at 10am, when your time came across you ran to your bike, walked it out of the transition area and took off. I felt strong on the bike. We’d already done the loop twice in the past week, so I was familiar with the path and knew what to expect. Passing people was new to me, but it was easy and seamless. It was all hills up to 6.5, which meant coming back was downhill and fast.


Run: Transitioning to the run was quick. Clipped out, walked my bike into transition, switched my shoes, pulled on my race bib holder and took off. The feeling after biking and starting to run is awkward, but my legs did fine. Knowing it was only two miles was great. So just ran out and back. Running back in, my family was waiting, which was great!


Final Time: 1:15. Feeling good about this. And feeling great about our training and the approaching Ironman 70.3. And my girl Twila, the Mermaid, crushed this thing, 1:13 and placing second in her AG!!

Prep: Ate a whole wheat bagel, drank two cups of coffee with Homemade almond milk, ate a Honey Stinger Waffle, took pre-workout, three Sports Legs, a Nuun tablet and two Naproxen prior to the race. More gear than I can even name… Thankful for my Ogio and Honey Stinger gear.


OCD Much?!?

While looking at my training schedule on the fridge today, I also double checked the kids’ schedule and thought about entering my morning swim into my training peaks calendar… Uhhhhh, OCD much? Here’s just an idea of how much I schedule my training, my kids’ schedule, my work, well, my life…


My training schedule up top (which I have a copy of at work and in my briefcase, you know, just in case…). The lower calendar is the family calendar. The girls’ school events, programs, show & tell days… If it isn’t on this calendar, it will be forgotten.


And above The Brains… Meal calendar, when to eat what surrounding my workouts (still trial and error at this point), chores, what to pack for each session (you know, cause I can’t be caught with everything I need), and any reminders.


My work calendar (names of patients have been blacked out for privacy reasons) and my training schedule worked around work… Well, more like, my work around my training schedule.


I even schedule my water!!!!!!!!!


Here is where things get a little OCD-ish… This is my training peaks calendar, where I can input my training sessions times and distances and compare them… BUT, with my new Garmin Fenix 3, this may be one less calendar!


Oh my goodness, this watch is amazing. The data this watch has at my finger tips is an OCD-ers dream. And you can use it in the pool! For the swim it tracked my total swim time, my time per lap, my strokes per lap, my distance, best pace, average pace, calories, ect ect ect. I’m in love. I loved my old Garmin, and this one makes it look like a dinosaur. For my run tonight, it took no time at all to look for signals, just hit start and ran! Again tracks everything you can imagine, even vibrates at each mile. Amazing. AND, it syncs to my phone (it shows all my calendars on it! Lol!), tracks my steps (like an Up Band or FitBit but more accurately since its GPS instead of movement), tracks your sleep, even syncs to My Fitness Pal.

And it does all the stat comparing for me!!! Tracks my PRs every way imaginable!!!! And I haven’t even gotten into all the extras! What?!?!? 😍 love it!!!!!

Psst… Did I mention I have a sprint triathlon this weekend??? 😳

The Bottomless Running Bucket List!

So, after reading Mermaid Twila’s blog, discussing Bucket Lists, I got to thinking about mine… Last year in April, I wrote a blog about My Running Bucket List, where I had the the five following items listed:

  1. CDA Marathon
  2. Rock n Roll Las Vegas
  3. Disney Marathon (or Half)
  4. Honolulu Marathon
  5. Ironman

So I am not disappointed in what I have (or will) accomplish this year! I ran the CDA shorty after that post. Will run the Disney Tinkerbell 5k, 10k and Half Marathon in May, and currently training for the Boise Ironman 70.3 this June!

So… Where does that leave my running bucket list? And what else have I decide I must do before I die?

Running Bucket List

  1. Rock n Roll Las Vegas (Half or Full)
  2. Honolulu Marathon (Not likely this year…)
  3. A full Ironman (I want to research this more to decide where I want this to happen, but if I don’t drown, die or absolutely hate the half in June, the full is next on my list…)
  4. Ragnar (We are doing a few relay races this year with a group, but I so badly want to do Ragnar, it falls on the weekend of Bill’s family reunion, so next year, this is firmly going on the list)
  5. Spartan Trifecta (Mermaid Twila has done this, and I soooo badly want to do it too, I haven’t looked into it much, but after doing just the one, I know that I want to do another three to complete a trifecta.)
  6. A huge name Marathon (Boston, Chicago or New York.)
  7. A Century Bike Race (I want to research this more too, no idea where this will happen, yet!)
  8. Crater Lake Rim Run (Half or Full)

So, the running bucket list has gotten longer…And I have a feeling it will just keep going, but hell, I have a lot of living to do before I go!


And now, I am thinking more and more about my personal bucket list… More to come.

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