Cerberus, the Hellhound

While reading several triathlon blogs and triathlon bike posts online, I’ve heard about the need to name your Tri-bike. That this is important. IMPORTANT. So, tonight, I named my trusty bike. So, tonight, my bike was named,Β Cerberus. According to Wikipedia: “in Greek and Roman mythology, is a three-headed dog, or “hellhound” with a serpent’s tail, a mane of snakes, and a lion’s claws. He guards … Continue reading Cerberus, the Hellhound

Snake River Triathlon Recap

Packet Pickup: So this Triathlon is a lot different then most sprint Triathlons because the swim is actually the night before the rest of the triathlon. So you go swim at the Aquatic Center, then you start based off of hat time. I’ll go into more details below. You picked up your packet the night of the swim, at the Aquatic Center. Swim: Swimming is, … Continue reading Snake River Triathlon Recap

OCD Much?!?

While looking at my training schedule on the fridge today, I also double checked the kids’ schedule and thought about entering my morning swim into my training peaks calendar… Uhhhhh, OCD much? Here’s just an idea of how much I schedule my training, my kids’ schedule, my work, well, my life… My training schedule up top (which I have a copy of at work and … Continue reading OCD Much?!?

The Bottomless Running Bucket List!

So, after reading Mermaid Twila’s blog, discussing Bucket Lists, I got to thinking about mine… Last year in April, I wrote a blog about My Running Bucket List, where I had the the five following items listed: CDA Marathon Rock n Roll Las Vegas Disney Marathon (or Half) Honolulu Marathon Ironman So I am not disappointed in what I have (or will) accomplish this year! … Continue reading The Bottomless Running Bucket List!

Moving On Up!

Another big week planned!! I’m feeling really great about our training, more and more confident in where we are headed every day. I’m feeling more comfortable on my bike, more confident in the water and much stronger while running. I also have a few additional goals that I’m going to focus more on. 1. Finish triathlon books. 2. Focus on being more positive at work, … Continue reading Moving On Up!