Edge of Hell Run

This weekend we had to be a little flexible with our training schedule.

We had the Edge of Hell Race scheduled for Saturday morning, which was a fun race. I’ve not done very many trail races (that don’t include obstacles), so I’m always a little nervous before they start. But I felt good throughout the race. My legs felt strong. Plus, lots of my favorite people were there. πŸ™‚


And my girl Amber (look how tiny she’s getting!!!!) did amazing, and she hates hills and trails. Well did, I think they are growing on her!


But part way through, it started pouring down rain and sleet. It truly was hell-ish. But, because it was raining, the roads were too wet to ride our bikes, therefore we had to change our bike day, and swim instead. So following the race we swam 800 meters, and I felt great!

So today we met at 8am to get our 20 mile bike ride in. Which also felt so good, minus it being so cold that my toes had gone numb clear up to my ankles. I didn’t fuel or drink again… I have to figure out how to do this effectively. When we made it back to the cars, we took off for a 3 mile run. Talk about a weird feeling. My legs were not prepared. But I got the three miles in.


Training with Twila has been my saving grace. This weekend it would have been easy to blow off part of our training. I’m glad I have someone as crazy as me on this journey!


Who needs this much stuff for one day? What the heck?


Four weeks of Ironman Training done! Didn’t miss a single scheduled workout. Boom!


Next week will be tricky too with the Chocolate Run 15k in Seattle this weekend!!!


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