Fueling for the 70.3

So after having two very different conversations in one day about my nutritional intake (or lack of attention to) both pre-, during, post- workout and my general intake. It’s time for me to really take a look at my diet, my fueling for race day, and honestly (sadly) my ideal race weight.

So, tonight I focused my energy on what I need to dial in for race day. Just like training for a marathon, nothing new on race day, everything should be tried and true during training, so there are no surprises, no “bonking”, and my body knows what to expect. (Oh, and no shitting my pants…)

imageΒ image

So, where the rubber hits the road… After reviewing my plethora of triathlon training books, the Ironman website and a few blogs, the consensus is you need to be taking in 2.6 calories per pound of body weight per hour. So, and PLEASE spare me the embarrassment of doing the math, that works out to 351 calories per hour I will need to take in (and 90%+ should be carbs)… WHAT?!? I am taking in NO WHERE NEAR that amount right now while training. In addition to that I should be taking in 24 oz of hydration per hour and approximately the electrolyte of 1 Nuun tablet per hour… So my current goal for Boise is 7 hours, that equates to 2,457 calories race day, 168 oz of hydration, and 7 Nuun tablets… Holy shit.


Now, to start trying to train on those numbers… Figure out what and how I’ll be taking those in.

A Ironman Guru I know, talked to me about doing drinkable calories/carbs and trying to take in the majority of my calories on the bike… So between Honey Stingers (I have a feeling this sponsorship just became a lot more valuable than I first thought), possibly Hammer Perpeteum, and possibly pre-fueling with PB&J sammies (apparently white bread is better for this), I think I at least have a plan started.


Future Posts to Come: Pre-Workout, During, & Post-Workout Fueling and Ideal Race Weight

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