Week 2 of 70.2 Training Wrapped Up


And with a great 10 mile run, our official 2nd week of Ironman 70.2 training is complete. Today’s run felt really good. With the rain having just settled and it being in the 50s, it was the best long run I’ve had in a long time. I am a little tired today and looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Two weeks solid, have hit every single workout as scheduled (or more, since my mileage for the half marathon is increasing, and my IM running is still building…)

Next Week’s Workout Schedule: (the weekend could be tricky… Valentine’s Day, all the kids here, and birthday plans for a friend… Let’s see how much juggling I can do. 😳)

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: AM 800 meter Swim, PM 4.5 mile run

Wednesday: Spinning

Thursday:Β AM 800 meter Swim, PM 4.5 mile run

Friday: Spinning

Saturday: Sweetheart Run (4 miles) and Bike Ride 20 miles (maybe to and from the race???)

Sunday: Long Run (7-10 miles, depending on time…) and Swim 800 meters

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