Sh!t Just Got Real

Today was the first time taking out my new, AWESOME, road bike! Twila and I neither had riden our road bikes yet, any road bike for that matter. I was a little nervous when I walked outside and it has been raining… But it went perfectly. We hadn’t quite mapped out all of our miles, so we actually made two separate loops. And it went great!


We followed up our bike ride-s, with an 800 meters swim. Which felt really good too. I’m feeling more and more confident every day with this whole crazy Ironman 70.3 business.


Ms. Amber posted this on FB today, and it was totally fitting. We even went to Hastings and dinner, I wore yoga pants… I can’t help myself.


Time to educate myself a little with this bike riding business and secretly contemplate how to ride my bike to and from work…


Tomorrow, a nice 10 mile long run wraps up week 2 of 20 for Ironman training.

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