A Day in My Life – Take Two!


A couple of weeks ago I posted what a day in my life looked like prior to the beginning of the Ironman 70.2 Training. So today, I’ll post a little about how my daily routine has changed.

4:30am: Alarm goes off, I changed it to a nicer noise, that’s a bonus

4:45am: Changed into bathing suit and sweats, drink down my pre-workout, grab a banana, double check I’ve got all my pennies (to track our laps)

5am: Head to the pool

5:15am: Meet up with Mermaid Twila, get our 800 meters in, DO NOT DROWN

6am: Back home, brew coffee, snuggle my husband, switch the laundry, other misc chores

7am: Girls up, around for school, sign reading logs, pack bags

7:45am: Drive the girlies to school, kiss their little faces

8am: Get ready for work, pack meals, prep dinner in the crock pot

8:40am: Go to work…… Social work, social work, social work

12pm: Lunch with the hubby

1pm: Back to work……. Social work, social work, social work

4:15pm: Head to meet Running Group! Love how accountable meeting Amber & Twila for my runs keeps me

4:30pm: Get my 4.5 miles in!

5:30pm: Home with fam

6:00pm: Dinner time, my favorite time of the day, listening to everyone talk about their day (I know how lucky I am)

7:00pm: Snuggle time with the girlies

8:30pm: Kiddo bedtimes and snuggle in with the hubby to watch our show

10:30pm: Bedtime!

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