Week One Of Official IM Training Recap

Week one of IM training is coming to an end. I’m feeling really positive about where things are and where they are headed.

This weeks training looked like this:

Sunday: Long Run (recovery week) 6 miles

Monday: AM Spinning Class

Tuesday: AM Swimming 850yds, PM Running 5 miles

Wednesday: AM Spinning Class

Thursday: AM Swimming 800yds, PM Running 4.5 miles

Friday: AM Spinning Class

Saturday: Spinning Class followed by 800yds swimming

Tommorow is my long run, 9 miles planned.

With all these double days, using my Ogio 9.0 bag like crazy!


This bag has everything from a wet/dry pocket to a shoe pocket to nutrition poaches to a helmet holder, and that doesn’t even begin to show off all the cool things about it. Being an Ogio Ambassador definitely has its perks!


5 thoughts on “Week One Of Official IM Training Recap

  1. I have the same bag, was added as an OGIO Advisory Staff last year. I LOVE THAT BAG! 🙂 Are you new this year? Congratulations, either way! Being with OGIO DEFINITELY has perks!


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