Today was my first brick workout! Which is, when training for a triathlon, you go directly from one event to the next without resting in between. This teaches your body to run on tired legs, which is something I’ll need to be able to do at the IM this June!

So this morning, went to a great spinning session, changed my shoes, pulled on a jacket and ran three miles. Actually felt great. I can’t think of many runs where I am running on fresh legs. I’ve usually worked out already in the morning when I run at night and I’m almost always pretty sore from CrossFit.

Speaking of switching shoes, my new biking shoes came yesterday!!! They are much different than any shoes I’ve ever worn. Super stiff with a hard plastic bottom.


And they say this inside one of the straps:


❤️❤️Love them!!!❤️❤️

Also, I think I’ve found my future road bike:


After some serious research, talking to two bike shops, several people who pointed me in the right direction (carbon vs aluminum), I think this is the one. Some components and the tires need to be swapped out, but I think I’m in love with this bike!!!

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