A Day in My Life


A bunch of the gals in my Sweat Pink group are blogging what a day in their life looks like, and it’s so interesting to see how everyone lives their life. This is a today in my life, the last week before I begin my 20 week journey to the Boise Ironman 70.2, so after a week or so, I’ll re-blog this idea and show you how things have changed.

5:25am: alarm goes off, my clothes are pre-set out to not disturb my slumbering husband, drink down my pre-workout, fill up my water bottle, grab my bag and a banana, head on over to CrossFit Rove.

6am: CrossFit was a killer today! ❤️


7:10am: Home from CrossFit, get the girlies around, dressed, fed, lunches packed and reading logs signed. Put the Pitty out for her morning bark-fest.

7:45am: Run the girlies to school, kiss their little faces and watch happily as they are surrounded by friends in the school yard as I drive away, not to cool to wave excitedly at me, sweet parenting victory.

8am: Rush about getting ready for work, throw dinner in the crockpot, pack all three swim bags (the girls and mine), grab my pre-packed meals out of the fridge and enjoy my coffee, convince the dog it is too cold to spend the day outside.

8:40am: Leave the house for work.

9am-12pm: Work is, as usual, busy-busy. Remind myself to be patient, time efficient and available.

12pm: Lunch with Bill, time to unwind about my morning, listen to his crazy morning, I love talking about our very different worlds.

1pm-4pm: Back to the grind.

4pm: Watch my girlies do their CrossFit. ❤️ seeing their happy, little, active, healthy bodies. See my sissy, love her more than words.


4:30pm: Head to the pool with the girls, The Mermaid, and her sweet son. Swim 800 meters, in chilly water, as the pool heater is broke, but after a few laps, warmed right up. Every day I swim I’m feeling better and better about the triathlon training. I may not be getting much faster, but I am improving a smidge every time.

5:30pm: Head home. Chat with the hubby about the remainder of his day, talk about mine. Serve up dinner. (I love crock pot dinners.) High/low with the family at the dinner table, by far the best part of my day. (Everyone at the table tells everyone their highest moment during the day and their lowest, we have learned more about the girls during this moment of the day than any other time.) Talk about report cards, which were excellent. Dishes, clean up kitchen.

7pm: Snuggling in to watch a show, hang out, play on our iPads, ect. Catch up on laundry.

8:30pm: Girlies bedtime. Hang out with the hubby.

10:30pm: Head to bed!!!

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