Sunday Long Run & Sunday Prep

Sunday’s are my main day for two things. One, my long run and two, prep for the following week. The running group really keeps me accountable, I wake up earlier than I would otherwise, keeping my entire day on track. Scheduled for 8 miles, the temperature was perfect, ground still smelled like rain, and the sky was overcast which kept the sun out of my eyes. Perfection.


Followed my run up with a hot bath and compression socks. Watched my least favorite football team play.


With my favorite pitty and iPad nerds (this includes the Hubs).


Meal planning and grocery shopping.


Meal prep for dinners the entire week (freezer crock pot dinners have been a lifesaver with all the training).

image image image

Lunch prep, so I can eat healthy at work too.


And ironing Bills clothes, so he doesn’t have to be wrinkly on the job.


This week, I’m increasing my time on the bike, adding two spinning classes to my schedule. Should be interesting to see how my body holds up. I’ve also resolved that Thursday morning CrossFit is eliminated.

Monday: AM CrossFit & PM Swimming

Tuesday: AM CrossFit & PM Run 4 miles

Wednesday: AM CrossFit & PM Swimming

Thursday: AM Spinning Class & PM Run 3 Miles

Friday: AM CrossFit

Saturday: Spinning-Running Brick – Class followed by 4 Miles

Sunday: Running 10k Tempo Run

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