Ode To The Runner’s Husband


So after a great race today, the Freeze Your Fanny 5k (race recap later!), I returned home to our home filled with five giggling little girls and our wild beast, my husband sitting in the living room, asking me about my race, how I did (I placed!!), and overall how it went. Not one peep about having a houseful of kids staying the night, not one complaint that I was gone 2 hours longer than the actually time my race took, just general interest in my running. Later in the day, I decide to paint our bedroom, when Bill tells me he will help me redo my race bibs/medals in our bedroom… We’d talked about this for awhile, but making our bedroom look like a giant shrine to my races seemed, well, selfish… Which, my running is. I leave early in the morning, when we could be snuggling, even on both days of the weekend. He watches the girls, anytime I ask to workout, never has complained once. We travel everywhere, literally dozens of long drives, and he happily drives us. The races cost money, the gear costs money, the shoes cost money, I currently have three gym memberships, hotels cost money, gas costs money, and still not a word. I am not sure how I got so lucky, to have someone that understands how much my running means to me AND is supportive.

Ode To The Runner’s Husband

for the endless races,

driving to all of these places,

my bitchin’, my pains, my aches,

the never ending protein shakes,

moody and rude on rest days,

early morning alarms or hotel stays,

listening to me jabber and showing an interest,

not hitting a PR and I’m pissed,

the piles of race shirts and gear,

you are always there to cheer,

dealing with all the pictures and selfies,

hanging with the girls with ease,

you support me, encourage me, love me,

I am so very lucky.

Kind of a little more sappy than I tend to be. But I am pretty damn lucky. Lots of people hope to have someone they have things in common with, that do the things they do. I don’t. I want someone that likes me, doing what I like to be doing, that does what they like to be doing. I have support like people can only dream of. I know how lucky I am.

Psst, how the runner shrine turned out:


2 thoughts on “Ode To The Runner’s Husband

  1. I think it is beautiful! Who wants to be married to themself? Not me! It is awesome to have a husband who loves and supports all that u do!


  2. Well done shrine. Mine is much more ad hoc and is in the lonely garage. But I must agree with your praise of your spouse. Mine is amazing too. They sure put up with a lot


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