Finding My Peace

There are moments in my job that make the hard days worth it. (In case you are a new reader, I’m a social worker in a skilled nursing facility.) The last few weeks at work have been stressful, and it seems, in this setting there are just weeks like that. But today, while sitting with a family member, she said “thank you, I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t talked to you today”. In long term care, my job is often breaking hard news to families, to their loved one in our care, or watching as people slip away, moment by moment. So these moments, that I can feel that I’ve helped someone, that I was able to stabilize their individual situation or lead them to to a very hard decision, I feel the satisfaction that lead me to a career in social work in the first place.

It’s hard for me to accept that I can’t fix everyone and that I can’t solve every situation. So when my job is heavy, when it’s hard, I turn to my running shoes. When I’m out running, I feel like can leave everything out there. The rhythm of my feet hitting the ground is therapeutic. And that I have complete and utter control of what I’m doing.

Tonight, running with Ms Amber was just that. Therapeutic. Allowing me to find a little peace. Unload after a few weeks of chaos. Allowing me to come home to my family without all the stress and baggage of my job.


This week’s workouts have been so great so far! And my Mermaid friend switched pools, so that was pretty nice too!

Mondays Double Day:


Tuesdays Double Day:


But I’m totally a little worn out. Gonna be an early night. 😴

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