Turned out to be one great little weekend!

What a great weekend! Our long run and the Bridge Run yesterday, turned my planned 6 miles into 8 miles! And today was another wonderful snowy run with the running group peeps!


Then a few of us went ice skating! I’ve never been and neither had my girls! I was nervous about falling since the idea of falling on ice seems pretty damn unpleasant, but I didn’t fall once!


Afterward, I got my grocery shopping done and made a big yummy dinner for the fam. Even prepped some salmon patties for lunches this week and boiled some eggs. 🙂 should probably get some protein bars made too.

So this week will be 8 weeks out from my first half marathon for the year and 11 weeks out from my first Sprint Triathlon!!! So here is my schedule for this week!!!!


Monday: AM CrossFit & PM Swimming

Tuesday: AM CrossFit & PM Run 3 miles

Wednesday: AM CrossFit & PM Swimming

Thursday: AM CrossFit & PM Run 3.5 miles with the Running Group

Friday: AM CrossFit & Biking

Saturday: (in Spokane with Bill) Run 3.5 miles

Sunday: (still in Spokane with Bill) Run 7 miles when we return home… No running group… 😦

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