Bringing in the New Year & The First Run 2015 Race Recap

Yesterday morning, was this beast of a WOD:


I totally thought it was going to be a less crazy day, with their New Years workout the following morning. But I was incorrect. And it was a killer. I got 9 rounds in during the 45 minute allotment. Craziness.

Following the WOD, I got home, got the house in order and got everyone packed and ready to head to Portland. We picked up with Amber and were out of there!

We checked into the hotel and went to get a bite to eat. I ordered some delicious onion rings and by the end of dinner was not feeling good… Sad day. We returned to our hotel and I still was not doing well. Thankfully we had several hours til packet pickup. Well, my stomach didn’t get better until I lost all of my dinner… But thankfully after that, I did feel a lot better. And we were still able to get our run in.

And Amber made our shirts, head bands and gloves and they were so much fun!!!


The race was great! It was super cold but with our dozens of layers it was great. Amber even brought us hand warmers, this girl thinks of everything.


Counting down til midnight, with hundreds of running strangers, downtown Portland was so crazy and so fun!


On our way back fromΒ the race, everyone was leaving the bars and drinking, and I wouldn’t have traded them places for anything. Love running with Amber and just plain love running.


Perfect way to start the new year!

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