Week One Of Official IM Training Recap

Week one of IM training is coming to an end. I’m feeling really positive about where things are and where they are headed.

This weeks training looked like this:

Sunday: Long Run (recovery week) 6 miles

Monday: AM Spinning Class

Tuesday: AM Swimming 850yds, PM Running 5 miles

Wednesday: AM Spinning Class

Thursday: AM Swimming 800yds, PM Running 4.5 miles

Friday: AM Spinning Class

Saturday: Spinning Class followed by 800yds swimming

Tommorow is my long run, 9 miles planned.

With all these double days, using my Ogio 9.0 bag like crazy!


This bag has everything from a wet/dry pocket to a shoe pocket to nutrition poaches to a helmet holder, and that doesn’t even begin to show off all the cool things about it. Being an Ogio Ambassador definitely has its perks!


Feeling More Positive Everyday!!!

Hey, my swimming is improving!!! Hurray. Increased my distance by 50 yards today and was still two minutes faster, and I did only ONE lap on my back! Hurray! I feel really, really positive that I am NOT GOING TO DROWN and that I am also GOING TO FINISH THIS IRONMAN. I was actually pretty anxious the past few weeks, but today I finally felt some positivity.


This evening was a 4.5 mile run. Thank goodness for Amber & Twila. Meeting them to run keeps my routine and motivates me beyond belief. It was a gorgeous night and just about 50 degrees.


Day two down, feeling good!!! Ironman Boise, I’m coming!

Sunday Prep!!

Terrific run with the running group this morning.


Only 6 miles for my long run this week, as it was a Recovery week.


Next week begins my Official Ironman Training! I could not be more excited!

Monday: Morning Spinning Class

Tuesday: Morning Swim (850 yds total, 10×25 yd intervals with 20 sec rests) & Evening Run (4.5 miles)

Wednesday: Morning Spinning Class

Thursday: Morning Swim (800 yds total, 3×100 yd race pace with 15 sec rests) & Evening Run (4.5 miles)

Friday: Morning Spinning Class

Saturday: Bike 20 Miles (or Morning Spinning Class)

Sunday: Long Run (9 miles, still need to keep my long run miles up for the half marathon) & 800 yds swim

Depending on the pool/time, may have to swim after spinning Saturday…


Today was my first brick workout! Which is, when training for a triathlon, you go directly from one event to the next without resting in between. This teaches your body to run on tired legs, which is something I’ll need to be able to do at the IM this June!

So this morning, went to a great spinning session, changed my shoes, pulled on a jacket and ran three miles. Actually felt great. I can’t think of many runs where I am running on fresh legs. I’ve usually worked out already in the morning when I run at night and I’m almost always pretty sore from CrossFit.

Speaking of switching shoes, my new biking shoes came yesterday!!! They are much different than any shoes I’ve ever worn. Super stiff with a hard plastic bottom.


And they say this inside one of the straps:


❤️❤️Love them!!!❤️❤️

Also, I think I’ve found my future road bike:


After some serious research, talking to two bike shops, several people who pointed me in the right direction (carbon vs aluminum), I think this is the one. Some components and the tires need to be swapped out, but I think I’m in love with this bike!!!

A Day in My Life


A bunch of the gals in my Sweat Pink group are blogging what a day in their life looks like, and it’s so interesting to see how everyone lives their life. This is a today in my life, the last week before I begin my 20 week journey to the Boise Ironman 70.2, so after a week or so, I’ll re-blog this idea and show you how things have changed.

5:25am: alarm goes off, my clothes are pre-set out to not disturb my slumbering husband, drink down my pre-workout, fill up my water bottle, grab my bag and a banana, head on over to CrossFit Rove.

6am: CrossFit was a killer today! ❤️


7:10am: Home from CrossFit, get the girlies around, dressed, fed, lunches packed and reading logs signed. Put the Pitty out for her morning bark-fest.

7:45am: Run the girlies to school, kiss their little faces and watch happily as they are surrounded by friends in the school yard as I drive away, not to cool to wave excitedly at me, sweet parenting victory.

8am: Rush about getting ready for work, throw dinner in the crockpot, pack all three swim bags (the girls and mine), grab my pre-packed meals out of the fridge and enjoy my coffee, convince the dog it is too cold to spend the day outside.

8:40am: Leave the house for work.

9am-12pm: Work is, as usual, busy-busy. Remind myself to be patient, time efficient and available.

12pm: Lunch with Bill, time to unwind about my morning, listen to his crazy morning, I love talking about our very different worlds.

1pm-4pm: Back to the grind.

4pm: Watch my girlies do their CrossFit. ❤️ seeing their happy, little, active, healthy bodies. See my sissy, love her more than words.


4:30pm: Head to the pool with the girls, The Mermaid, and her sweet son. Swim 800 meters, in chilly water, as the pool heater is broke, but after a few laps, warmed right up. Every day I swim I’m feeling better and better about the triathlon training. I may not be getting much faster, but I am improving a smidge every time.

5:30pm: Head home. Chat with the hubby about the remainder of his day, talk about mine. Serve up dinner. (I love crock pot dinners.) High/low with the family at the dinner table, by far the best part of my day. (Everyone at the table tells everyone their highest moment during the day and their lowest, we have learned more about the girls during this moment of the day than any other time.) Talk about report cards, which were excellent. Dishes, clean up kitchen.

7pm: Snuggling in to watch a show, hang out, play on our iPads, ect. Catch up on laundry.

8:30pm: Girlies bedtime. Hang out with the hubby.

10:30pm: Head to bed!!!

I (We) Have an Announcement!

Well, now that I have your attention, no, I (We) are not having a baby. We (my mermaid friend and I) are doing an Ironman 70.3. The Mermaid, who’s name is actually not Ariel, but Twila, and I are about start down the craziest path imaginable. And I’m this crazy sort of anxious and excited all at once!

We began this adventure training for a local sprint triathlon, and after talking and really deciding what our real goals were, we decided it was time to get super serious about an Ironman 70.3.  20 weeks from Saturday, in Boise, we are doing it!


Stay tuned friends, family and readers. Here is a sneak peak:


1.2 mile swim,


followed by a 56 mile bike ride,


and finally a 13.1 mile run.


Freeze Your Fanny 5k

Every year, I run this race. Every year, it’s so well put together. A hundred of so people run it, and it’s always a fun, friendly race with tons of prizes with great people. It’s put on by the local colleges XC team. It never lets me down. This year, I placed third in my age group and got a giant coffee cup to show for it.








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