Monday Motivation

This was the WOD today. I’m seriously falling in love with the 6am class. Need to find a way to make it work when the girls return to school next week. Bus here at 7:15 doesn’t leave any wiggle room… Need to think harder how to make this work.


Then this happened… Sad day.


So here is your Monday Motivation:





And I thought this was useful:


Putting an end to the gluttony…


I usually eat relatively healthy. But the holidays do, and always have, bring out the pig inside of me. And when I start down the path of gluttony, I just keep going and going and going. And for me, it’s not just a cookie or candy, it’s 5 cookies and 3 cake pops and 2 peanut butter balls with a fat-laden lunch followed by a crappy dinner, leading to not wanting to workout, and sleeping late into the morning (way late), then leading to another day of gluttony.


But luckily, it usually only takes waking up early and getting my workout/run in and TA DA, right back on track. So this morning, with three gals in the running group, woke up, put on my running shoes and got that run in, which in turn led to healthy eating. Winning!

So this week’s plan:

Monday: Morning CrossFit & Afternoon Swim with The Mermaid

Tuesday: Morning CrossFit & Afternoon Run

Wednesday: Morning CrossFit & head to Portland for a 10k race at Midnight!!!

Thursday: 10k race at midnight and return from Portland

Friday: Morning CrossFit & Biking (indoors, so morning or afternoon)

Saturday: 3.5 mile Run

Sunday: 6 mile Run

Staying On Track During the Holidays

It’s been kind of a crazy week, between two sick kids, work in utter chaos, a good friend resigning at work, and family visiting. And probably more craziness to come with five kids in the house and Christmas sneaking its way in the door.

So, I worked on my training schedule, firmed up my race schedule, and put into place the pieces I do have control over. And focused on good eating, as the holidays can be a slippery slope for me. I want to eat junk, junk makes me feel like shit, I skip my workouts and I end up in my fat pants. So structure and routine is key for me this week.


Monday: AM CrossFit & PM Swimming

Tuesday: AM CrossFit & PM Run 3 Miles

Wednesday: AM CrossFit (family time, Christmas Eve, stay on track with food)

Thursday: Rest Day (family time, Christmas Day, stay on track with food)

Friday:Β AM CrossFit & PM Run 3 Miles

Saturday:Β Run 3 Miles

Sunday: Run 6 Miles

End of the World Run

Great race this morning! Felt great, ran well and placed 3rd in my age group!


This officially will be my last race of 2014. What an amazing year with amazing friends. Very much looking forward to next year, filled with more races, more friends and some new exciting goals!

Another great training week in the books!


Last week went quite well. Minus Saturday evening. I intentionally didn’t drink at my company Christmas Party so I would feel refreshed and ready to run. But instead, I was up sick in the night. So today became an unintentional rest day. Which I probably need to just figure out how to add to my schedule… But not this week. πŸ™‚ ha.

Zombie Apocalypse Prep…

I feel like you all should know, that it may appear that I’m just going about my business, CrossFitting, training for a triathlon and a few half marathons… You may be thinking, that’s sort of silly, all that training for a few paper numbers, shirts and medals.


So, it’s time to tell you all the truth. I’m just over here prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse. I plan to be out-running the biters, doing some sneaky hand-stand-push-up-burpee-pull-up-snatch combination, and when necessary retreating to the water and swimming to my hide-away.

So drink the water folks, before it’s too late. Although, if the Zombie Apocalypse hits after another 147 overhead lunges, I may not be able to waddle away fast enough…

Monday One-Liners

Today started like this:


Then a bit of this:


Finally free from that to watch my Little CrossFitters do this:


Then we followed up with a half mile of this:


And soon, after I tuck my Little CrossFittersΒ into bed, I’m ready for this:


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