I Did Not Drown!

Biggest news of the week: I did not drown! So Monday I officially started easing towards triathlon training. A girlfriend of mine and I did our first swimming workout. The local aquatic center lap pool has been drained, so we went to the gym instead. Which I was somewhat nervous about. But it was great! Salt water, it was roughly 80 degrees, and there were no other swimmers in the room! We swam 13 down and back lengths of the pool, which we were told was appx 1/4 of a mile. The sprint length is 1/2 of a mile, so heck, I feel like I may not drown at the actual race either!

Monday morning CrossFit was Fight Gone Bad, which is one of my favorite workouts!


After work, the girls had their CrossFit session.


Followed by our swim. And finally a lady date to Big Hero 6. Which was adorable.

Today CrossFit was incredibly exhausting!


And sadly, my bike trainer didn’t show up tonight… So no bike ride as planned… Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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