Meal Prep Sunday & Starting A Running Group!

We had a crazy busy day yesterday. First running my girls to Orofino for a weekend at their grandmas. We left straight from Orofino for Pullman for a WSU football game and event that Umpqua Bank sponsors. We stayed and visited with Bills co-workers, I seriously love these guys, and I had a few adult beverages (the nice thing about Bill not drinking is always having a safe driver).

Afterward, we had an awesome sushi lunch at my fav sushi restaurant on the hill. Yum. We then spent the evening at the Boys and Girls Club Auction with our co-workers, both his and mine. It was fun!

This morning with a group of folks I’ve been talking to about starting a running group, we all met at the Local boat dock. We are all at different levels of running, so we took off together and met up afterward to go grab some coffee and visit. It was a terrific way to get in 4.3 miles. πŸ™‚

Then made my meal list for the week, my grocery list, and prepped what needed prepped. Prepped some chocolate Paleo protein bars, some sweet potato chips, and boiled my eggs for the week. Prepped, planned and packed!


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