Paleo Week Days Six & Seven

Wrapped up the week of Paleo, making two slips throughout the week.

Saturday, I ran the Trail Maniacs Hell’s Gate 5.5 Mile Run. And as hilly as the trail was, I never felt out of energy. I felt great in fact.

I ate two small Lara Bars, they contain dates and nuts. But somehow taste delicious.


After the race, slip number one, they had taco soup, I had a bowl of it, and there were kidney beans in it. I don’t quite understand why kidney beans aren’t Paleo. But they aren’t.

When I got home, I made a delicious salad.


And finally, for dinner, chicken Stirfry with kale and red chard. And snacked on the girls’ pumpkin seeds.


Sunday, my fav breakfast, sweet potato has Browns and eggs. Yum. Some leftover pumpkin seeds mid-day. And for dinner, slip number two. We were eating out for dinner and I had a salad with ranch, no Bueno. But dinner was salmon and veggies. And it was terrific salmon.


All in all, I think the Paleo week was a success. And I think Paleo eating is something that I will continue to work toward, but probably not 100% of the time.

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