Paleo Week Day Four

So this morning I had resolved I was over feeling tired, over feeling starved, and going back to my normal (not so shitty) shitty eating. I mean, this Paleo experiment was not to try to lose weight or diet, but in hopes of making some positive healthy changes in my eating. Starving or becoming fatigued was not on the list of positive gains for me.

So I decided I was over it. Done. Drank my coffee and almond milk, ate a homemade protein bar. Was. Over. It.

Then in my morning management meeting I get a message from a gal o went to high school with. “Hey Brandi! I Just noticed your fb post this morning about starving on paleo….one of the hardest things adjusting for me was realizing i had to eat A LOT of fat. when you cut out the grains, your body no longer has those to fuel you, so it becomes adapted to running off fat. If I don’t eat enough fat, I starve too. when i keep the fat and protein levels up, my body feels great and i almost never get hungry! just thought that might be helpful, because i had the same hungry hang up at first before I realized what I was doing wrong. i try to incorporate coconut oil into a lot of things to get some extra fat…i even put it in my coffee in the a.m. πŸ™‚ Avocados are a life saver in the fat department too!” She and I went on the chat for a little while. Tons of other great advice and talked a lot about our perception of healthy eating (counting calories, weighing food, fat free everything). Suddenly I felt much better about sticking this Paleo thing out. But hopefully in a healthier way. Plus, COFFEE IS PALEO?!?!? 😊

Mid-Morning, two hard boiled eggs & an orange.


Lunch, was a delicious chicken caesar salad.


Mid afternoon snack, cashews.


Dinner, crock pot pork roast and a sweet potato.


And tonight, I finally feel full and satisfied. Tomorrow morning at CrossFit will be the test.

(Psst, five days and no diet pepsi. Winning!!)

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