Paleo Week Day Two

So I was an absolute bum this morning. I’d like to give you some great excuse. But there isn’t one. My alarm went off at 4:20, I rolled out of bed, I had forgotten to lay out my clothes the night before, so I was fumbling around in the dark to find socks, couldn’t find them mixed in with my sports bras and finally thought screw it, I’m going back to bed. And did… Lame. Totally lame. And from what I hear, the workout was awesome. So that pisses me off, at me, even more.

Any-who… I did stick to my week long attempt to eat Paleo only.

This morning, lemon water and black tea, followed by more sweet potatoes and eggs. This is my ultimate fave.


Then for lunch, more lettuce boats. I think I’m over these…


Mid-Afternoon snack was an orange at my desk.


And for dinner some Honey Mustard Chicken (I made the honey mustard dressing myself with no non-Paleo ingredients) and Kabocha Wedges, which is acorn squash with Ghee (that I also made!!) baked in wedges. It was so good.


Afterward made Banana Bread with my little baker girls! (No, they weren’t Paleo, so no, I didn’t have any, but one whole loaf is gone, so it must’ve been good!!)


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