New Goals…

After completing my year long goal of finishing the Portland Marathon it’s time for me to set new goals. I’ve been so focusing on this goal for so long, I have given little thought to what comes afterward. I’m not good when I’m not focused on a goal. I need the structure of goals.


Goals (So far)
1) increase speed, several upcoming local 5ks that I’d like to see my 5k speed increase for, which means I need to add speed work to my training

2) focus on CrossFit and increasing my weight/strength/speed at Rove

3) clean eating, when doing tons of running, my endurance depends on carbs and getting enough calories, but when I’m not running super long distances I need to focus on keeping my diet clean

Working on Goals
1) running schedule planned, including speed work and tempo runs

2) no concern for being sore without long runs, able to focus in CrossFit, both improving my form and increasing my weight (where I can)

3) meal planned for the week, shopping prepped, homemade almond milk in the fridge and homemade protein bars in the freezer

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