Portland Marathon Recap

Packet Pickup
Packet pickup is the day before at the expo. The pickup is well organized, you know your Bib number after numerous emails and you present your ID, and done. No lines. Seamless.

This expo is huge. Dozens of great booths, packed with free samples of all the latest products, and every single thing that every runner ever thought they needed. Prices were not reduced, no great sales, but again plenty of free product samples. I seriously have a bag full of protein and energy bars.

Per usual, tons of water. Taper week, again makes me super grouchy, again I owe Bill another apology, which I extended after the race. Day before my MIL Juney got me an amazing facial, and the lady that did it was incredible. I want to do this all the time. And after the expo, toys r us and lunch, a peaceful and relaxing facial was heavenly. That night Juney made delicious lasagna and ice cream cake, and I tried to go to bed at a reasonable time. The morning of the race I had coffee with almond milk, toast with PB, and PreWorkout.

-Obviously all my gear in my OGIO 9.0 bag, this bag is the best thing out there
-OGIO backpack to carry my stuff for after the race, lacrosse ball, compression socks, dry clean clothes, Aleve, water
-UA hat
-Nike sunglasses (these hide my face and I love them)
-Oakley sports bra
-My WSU Cougars Nike tee
-My Asics capris
-Drymax Hyper Thin Mini Socks
-My Ironman Earbuds from Lacamas Half Marathon, my iPhone and case that also holds my ID and cash
-My Garmin
-My Nathan handheld waterbottle

Volunteers/Fluids/Spectators/Entertainment/Post Race
This could not be better. Tons and tons of volunteers. Extremely well staffed and stocked fluid, electrolytes and fuels at all stations. And gummy bears, lots and lots of gummy bears. Yum. So many bands, groups, entertainment and spectators, it’s incredible. I LOVED this part of the race. Post race was incredible even with the extreme security measures. You cross the finish line, where your family cannot watch (bummer), come into the finisher’s chute where they shower you with a finishers medal, a heat jacket, an awesome long sleeve technical shirt, a coin, a charm, a rose and finally a tree (which I couldn’t hold and passed on). And at least three people took my picture in ten minutes. It was chaos. And awesome. All at once.

The Actual Race
Started at 7am, so Bill brought me downtown at 6. All the starting areas were pre-determined by your last marathon time. They started in waves. It was a pretty intense start with tons of people but moved along quickly. My first few miles were a breeze, tons of things to see, tons of support. A few miles later led into slight rolling hills, still felt good. Half way came, still felt great, no pain, nothing crazy happened. The worst 6-ish miles were out through this industrial park area. But you finished heading up a giant hill onto a gorgeous bridge and my energy was back and I felt good. I really felt pretty good until about the last three miles when we came back into town, I started to get tired, but being back in the crowds and spectators made it seem like a short (albeit slow) three miles in. And boom done. Another marathon in the bag.

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