What a week! And headed to Portland!

Monday was the return to work after the Birthday party race and bike ride in Bend and the beginning of a taper week for the Portland Marathon. Trying to get things back in order, which honestly never really happened all week. The girls started a cheer camp, Monday thru Wednesday.

Then Tuesday night after cheer camp we met my mom, my sister, her baby girl, and her hubby for dinner for my birthday. It was at a cute little place and I had the most delicious Portabello mushroom ever. Yum. And Lily, my niece, was as usual a total doll. Could she be cuter?

Wednesday night the birthday dinner shenangians continued with my step-dad. He is seriously one of the best men in this world. I could visit with him all night over a glass of wine while all the kids take selfies and nerdy men talk about their latest nerdy games on their phones.

Thursday night the girls performed what they had learned at cheer camp during the week at the high school JV half time. Which was cute to watch. They were super proud of themselves and liked that Papa came to see them two days in a row.

Which whirlwinded us right into Friday. The girls didn’t have school, so they came to work with me. Hit Starbucks on our way in, I had a few meetings, we went out for a little lady date lunch at my favorite deli, my boss brought me another Starbucks, and we wrapped things up for today! Now, these two napping Angels and I are headed to Portland for the Portland Marathon Sunday and I just finished reading the most hilarious book by my fav blogger, The Oatmeal, “The Terrible And Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances”! More to come tomorrow!!!


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