Egg Frittatas “Muffins”

When I don’t plan ahead, prep my meals or pack my food, I starve all day becoming ravenous at night and eating everything in sight. So prepping meals is vital for me. So these easy-to-be-packed Egg Frittatas “Muffins” are perfect for packing and eating at my desk or in a meeting.

Egg Frittatas “Muffins”

I diced up half an onion and a red pepper.

SautΓ© them on the oven until soft.

Whip up 6 eggs and add veggies.

I then added half a cup of diced ham.

Spray muffin pan. Scoop out 1/8th to each “muffin” hole (heck, I don’t know what else to call it).

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes until cooked through.

Trail Maniacs’ Halloween at Hell’s Gate Race Recap

What an excellent race! Extremely well put together, amazingly marked, beautiful scenery and perfect weather… Makes one excellent race. We did the 5.5 mile loop, but they also had a half marathon.

The race was rated as difficult and uses the entire trail system at Hells Gate State Park. The elevation gain/loss on this race is 2200 feet. So it was hilly and the trail terrain was everything from rock beds to sand.

There was an aide station at mile 4. The volunteers there were encouraging and very nice. And they had several things you could pick from. Including, which I had, water. πŸ™‚

Afterward, they had a ton of prizes and delicious taco soup. I definitely will be doing more of the Trail Maniacs’ races.


Almond Butter and Almond Milk

Today I made my first batch of almond butter. So easy that it’s crazy I haven’t done it sooner.

Almond Butter
Three ingredients:
Almonds (I used about half of this 3# bag)
4T coconut oil
2T honey powder


Combine ingredients in a food processor. Turn on. It takes about 5-6 minutes for almonds to become butter-like. Just when you think you’ve made it right, and it’s all crumbly and not butter-like, be patient and keep waiting. It works out. Refrigerate almond butter, there aren’t preservatives in it to keep it out.


Almond Milk
Two ingredients:

Bring water to boil. Add 1c almonds. Boil on high for 5 minutes, almonds will soften. In blender, add 4c water. Strain almonds. Add almonds to blender. On highest setting blend for 2 minutes. In glass container, using a nut bag (these are super cheap on Amazon), line the insured of the container. Pour blender contents into container. Squeeze the remaining nuts for milk. Ta Da. Homemade Almond Milk. No preservatives. No other weird junk.

Paleo Week Days Six & Seven

Wrapped up the week of Paleo, making two slips throughout the week.

Saturday, I ran the Trail Maniacs Hell’s Gate 5.5 Mile Run. And as hilly as the trail was, I never felt out of energy. I felt great in fact.

I ate two small Lara Bars, they contain dates and nuts. But somehow taste delicious.


After the race, slip number one, they had taco soup, I had a bowl of it, and there were kidney beans in it. I don’t quite understand why kidney beans aren’t Paleo. But they aren’t.

When I got home, I made a delicious salad.


And finally, for dinner, chicken Stirfry with kale and red chard. And snacked on the girls’ pumpkin seeds.


Sunday, my fav breakfast, sweet potato has Browns and eggs. Yum. Some leftover pumpkin seeds mid-day. And for dinner, slip number two. We were eating out for dinner and I had a salad with ranch, no Bueno. But dinner was salmon and veggies. And it was terrific salmon.


All in all, I think the Paleo week was a success. And I think Paleo eating is something that I will continue to work toward, but probably not 100% of the time.

Paleo Week Day Five

Yes, I am still alive! And today was much better at CrossFit.

After this killer workout:


I had coffee, almond milk, and peanuts! Yum. Then midday I ate some delicious chicken leftovers and tomatoes.



Tonight was a sweet potato, three eggs and organic sausage, all mixed up.


Tomorrow morning I have a five mile race! WOOT! Let’s see how five days of Paleo effect my run!

Paleo Week Day Four

So this morning I had resolved I was over feeling tired, over feeling starved, and going back to my normal (not so shitty) shitty eating. I mean, this Paleo experiment was not to try to lose weight or diet, but in hopes of making some positive healthy changes in my eating. Starving or becoming fatigued was not on the list of positive gains for me.

So I decided I was over it. Done. Drank my coffee and almond milk, ate a homemade protein bar. Was. Over. It.

Then in my morning management meeting I get a message from a gal o went to high school with. “Hey Brandi! I Just noticed your fb post this morning about starving on paleo….one of the hardest things adjusting for me was realizing i had to eat A LOT of fat. when you cut out the grains, your body no longer has those to fuel you, so it becomes adapted to running off fat. If I don’t eat enough fat, I starve too. when i keep the fat and protein levels up, my body feels great and i almost never get hungry! just thought that might be helpful, because i had the same hungry hang up at first before I realized what I was doing wrong. i try to incorporate coconut oil into a lot of things to get some extra fat…i even put it in my coffee in the a.m. πŸ™‚ Avocados are a life saver in the fat department too!” She and I went on the chat for a little while. Tons of other great advice and talked a lot about our perception of healthy eating (counting calories, weighing food, fat free everything). Suddenly I felt much better about sticking this Paleo thing out. But hopefully in a healthier way. Plus, COFFEE IS PALEO?!?!? 😊

Mid-Morning, two hard boiled eggs & an orange.


Lunch, was a delicious chicken caesar salad.


Mid afternoon snack, cashews.


Dinner, crock pot pork roast and a sweet potato.


And tonight, I finally feel full and satisfied. Tomorrow morning at CrossFit will be the test.

(Psst, five days and no diet pepsi. Winning!!)

Paleo Week Day Three

No big deal… I’m just slowly starving the death…

CrossFit this morning was ridiculous. I was dying. And honestly the workout wasn’t that kind of brutal…


I had tea and water but no time to make breakfast. So midday I finally ate. The remaining squash from last night, roast beef, and two hard boiled eggs.


On the way to the girls’ CrossFit was a couple of ounces of peanuts, which you’ll have to imagine as I was driving and didn’t click a pic.


And for dinner, coconut crusted chicken cooked in homemade ghee. Over a delicious bed of lettuce, with tomatoes, and some delicious homemade honey mustard dressing.


And lastly an orange.


So, I’m not loving Paleo. Not thinking this is the “clean eating” I was looking for. Paleo week may come to a quick end… Before I kill over at the box…

Paleo Week Day Two

So I was an absolute bum this morning. I’d like to give you some great excuse. But there isn’t one. My alarm went off at 4:20, I rolled out of bed, I had forgotten to lay out my clothes the night before, so I was fumbling around in the dark to find socks, couldn’t find them mixed in with my sports bras and finally thought screw it, I’m going back to bed. And did… Lame. Totally lame. And from what I hear, the workout was awesome. So that pisses me off, at me, even more.

Any-who… I did stick to my week long attempt to eat Paleo only.

This morning, lemon water and black tea, followed by more sweet potatoes and eggs. This is my ultimate fave.


Then for lunch, more lettuce boats. I think I’m over these…


Mid-Afternoon snack was an orange at my desk.


And for dinner some Honey Mustard Chicken (I made the honey mustard dressing myself with no non-Paleo ingredients) and Kabocha Wedges, which is acorn squash with Ghee (that I also made!!) baked in wedges. It was so good.


Afterward made Banana Bread with my little baker girls! (No, they weren’t Paleo, so no, I didn’t have any, but one whole loaf is gone, so it must’ve been good!!)


Paleo Week Day One

So here is my first day of trying to eat Paleo… Which I felt went pretty well.

CrossFit in the AM. And it was a double stength workout which I was pretty excited about.



Came home from the Box and had some black tea and lemon water. Several glasses of each.


Followed by my fav breakfast of sweet potatoes and two eggs. Yum.


Lunch was lettuce boats, filled with avocado whipped up and a total of 2oz of roast beef.


After work I had a tree decorating thing…


So I had a Luna bar. Are you aware these have 3 ingredients and they are all Paleo-friendly??? Whoa. I’ll be getting more of them. After the meeting, I had some baked kale and two hard boiled eggs.


All-in-all, I felt pretty good about it. πŸ™‚

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