Kiss Me Dirty 5k Recap

This was one of the funnest and best put together obstacle races I’ve run this summer.

Amber and I headed over mid-day Friday. We stayed with my MIL and FIL. They seriously are the best cooks imaginable, they made salmon, veggies and fresh tomatoes. Yum. Then we had some delicious blackberry crisp. Omg. So flippin’ good.

The next morning, after coffee and some mediocre huckleberry bread (no my awesome MIL didn’t make it), we were off. My MIL even came to watch!

For starters you could “free your girls” and donate your bra. My girls were not freed.


The only way men could run the race was in drag. Which was awesome!!


There were dozens of obstacles, which was so fun. Everything from mud, to a fireman pole, to teeter-totters, to tunnels in the mud, to wood walls, to foam, to dye. My favorite by far was the slip-in-slide covered in water and soap. They hadn’t had anyone go down head first yet, so A,bee and I were pumped to be first. I got turned around and nearing the tires catching us at the bottom and saw Amber coming right at me, I quickly become an Amber-Brandi-Tires sandwich. It was so funny.




Such a fun race!!!!!





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