Warrior Dash Recap

I can finally run again! No it’s not pretty. And no it doesn’t feel good. But, yes, I can do it!!! So Friday I finally ran 7 miles, it was on my treadmill, not terribly painful but terribly boring. Then took Ms Kimbo for a walk and it still felt pretty dang good.

Friday afternoon we headed to Portland for the Warrior Dash. My sister, my 4 month old niece Lily, Amber, Bill, his sons and I stayed at my AMAZING mother and father in laws house. We got in late Friday night and slept in. Well as much as you can with little kids. Saturday Amber, my sister and I headed to the race, everyone headed shopping.

Then we met Mandy at the race. Which was in the middle of the woods surrounding several large ponds.


We were a late heat, starting at 3pm. The run was in nice trails, surrounded by gorgeous foliage. It was an amazing treat to run on these trails. The first real obstacle was a large pond, that you swam or waded through, to a floaty dock you ran across, then jumped back into the pond.


The second obstacle was large mud hills, which was by far my favorite obstacle. You climbed over and if necessary, helped other people over. The mud sucked you back down.


After this there was more trail running and several smaller easy obstacles, like walls or wooden structures with ropes, or crawling under things. A cool rope tunnel thing that I forgot to take a pic of. And then a giant rope obstacle thing, with a huge slide into another pond. Fun.

Finally we all had to wade through a giant MULCH and water filled man-made puddle. Yes, you read that right, MULCH, as in shit… What the hell? It was super thick and smelled horrific. No cool, Warrior Dash, not cool. Then finally, a fire leap finish.





And the free beer at the end, was quite nice.


2 thoughts on “Warrior Dash Recap

  1. Idk about the shit pond but the rest of it sounds amazing! !! I may have to add this to my to do list:) as always thank u for sharing! !!!


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