Cosmo 7k & Champagne Bike Ride

This weekend marked my thirtieth birthday. My fellow BAM race partners set up an entire amazing birthday weekend. It began Friday at work with a giant office surprise filled with a trillion super thoughtful gifts, flowers, cakes, snacks, soda and wine! These two were so thoughtful, I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciated it. Saturday morning (5am) we set out for Bend, Oregon … Continue reading Cosmo 7k & Champagne Bike Ride

Kiss Me Dirty 5k Recap

This was one of the funnest and best put together obstacle races I’ve run this summer. Amber and I headed over mid-day Friday. We stayed with my MIL and FIL. They seriously are the best cooks imaginable, they made salmon, veggies and fresh tomatoes. Yum. Then we had some delicious blackberry crisp. Omg. So flippin’ good. The next morning, after coffee and some mediocre huckleberry … Continue reading Kiss Me Dirty 5k Recap

Bring on the waddle walk!

After today’s workout, my legs are already killing me. I have a feeling that I won’t be walking without a slight waddle tomorrow. After returning home, I used a product a gal out of Canada sent me this week, called Deep Blue. The funny thing is my mother-in-law sent me this very same product a few months ago. What the heck? What a coincidence? This … Continue reading Bring on the waddle walk!

Roller Coaster Kind of Day

This day was a total roller coaster. Beginning, wake up at 4:20am, drink PreWorkout, change into CrossFit clothes and new shoes, and out the door. I’m seriously loving CrossFit Rove; love the coaches, love the people that workout there and love the feeling after I finish. Today was a great benchmark workout. Hustle home for “snuggle time” with each of the girls. Then they are … Continue reading Roller Coaster Kind of Day