A little touch of Tendinitis…

It turns out there will be no Terminator leg for me… Finally resolved after a full week of agony to go to the doctor and get my dang foot looked at.

I know what you are thinking, “my what sexy foot bones you have”, but let’s try to keep it appropriate. So they took a second X-ray. The first X-Ray was from May when the sesamoid bone initially fractured. The second an X-ray from yesterday showing that the bone is not healing (which I had assumed since I’ve continued to run on it) and is now a non-union fracture meaning it won’t naturally heal, looking at the X-Ray it’s got three tiny fractures in it. My newest foot pain though is clear on the far side of my foot in the tiny bones below my toes, my fear was that they were now broken. And this pain is not something that I could just ignore. So, it turns out there is not a new break in there, instead it is tendinitis. Tendinitis is painful inflammation or breakdown of the tendons.

So the bigger question. Can I run? No and yes. Not at all for three weeks, I have a follow up appointment in two weeks to make sure things are healing up. I can do other forms of exercise, so I plan to CrossFit as much as I can tolerate and spin on my spinning bike. Then yes, I should be able to run without issues (well sesamoid issues but not tendinitis issues).

So the treatment for the next three weeks? Doctor note reads, “Rest from running. Evaluate shoes (uhhhhh… Awkward, considering I don’t pay for my shoes). Use moist heat for 10 minutes stretch then ice for 20 minutes 2-3 times a day. Follow up with PCP for physical therapy. Take Aleve 1-2 every 12 hours for two weeks until follow up with PCP. The nonunion fracture will continue to bother you until you discuss with an orthopedist via your PCP.”

So what does this all mean in regards to my races and the upcoming marathon? I will walk the 5k Slime Run next Saturday. Rest my foot until 3 weeks. Then dive back into the final four weeks before Portland and do my best.

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