Ode to My Foot

Dammit foot, you are so irritating.
As I sit her icing it when I should be running,
The frustrating pain and never-ending limping,
Has me seriously re-considering…
(You are welcome, I know how inspiring my poetry is, ha.)

So, I have decided, with the help of my sister, that just cutting my leg off at the shin and replacing it with a bionic, shiny, maybe even pink foot would be the better option. I don’t mean a run of the mill limb prostheses either, I’ve seen how difficult those are for folks to get accustomed to, and I have races coming up, so a bionic Terminator style replacement would be ideal. And while they already have me knocked out, maybe just replacing them both would be better.

After the most difficult yet wonderful weekend and no training Sunday or Monday, I was back at CrossFit yesterday.

And skipped my 4 mile run. (This becomes a bad habit of mine quickly when I’m nearing the end of training…) Jess, this amazing Occupational Therapist I work with, wrapped my foot a different way, and it felt really good.

This morning went to CrossFit again, on my non-CrossFit morning.

Not only leaving me limping, after a very difficult workout, but I’m seriously thinking I may need to get an x-Ray on the other side of my foot… Shit. So here I sit, putting my 8 mile run on hold until tonight icing my damn foot…

So, I’ll be starting a double Terminator-style pink foot replacement donation jar on my desk at work today… Happy Hump Day!

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