Where did this week go??

The week totally got away from me… My last post was on Monday, then nothing til Saturday! What the heck? Tuesday this happened… Wednesday morning… And my girls started CrossFit!! How cool is that! After they spent the day with me at work, lunch with my mom and an office picnic with Amber. Then we watched Bills Ice Bucket Challenge. Followed by Open House for … Continue reading Where did this week go??

Monday Motivation

So I went to CrossFit twice today. The first time was awesome because, duh, it’s CrossFit. The second one was awesome because my sister taught the class and she’s seriously a badass. The afternoon class is filled with more seasoned CrossFitters and are total beasts, totally motivating working out with them. And today I hit my very first Hand Stand Push-ups!!! Hurray. But here are … Continue reading Monday Motivation

10 Reasons you Shouldn’t Marry a Runner/CrossFitter

As I sit in an Epson soak filled bathtub drinking down my protein drink I’m thinking about why any non-Runner/CrossFitter would ever want to be with/date/marry someone who does runs or does CrossFit… 1. Between CrossFit and running, it’s all I ever want to talk about. 2. I’m always sore. Therefore this sexy, ladylike walk that most women have, looks more like a hobble by … Continue reading 10 Reasons you Shouldn’t Marry a Runner/CrossFitter

The running withdrawals are beginning…

Day 3 of 21 of no running… CrossFit at 5am this morning, spinning while dinner was in the oven, and lots of ice/heat/Aleve… Yes, feeling a little crazy. Running is my sanctuary. And it’s like a giant closed sign is hung on my church doors. Ugh. But there are these two being adorable, who I snuggled during my normal running time while icing my foot … Continue reading The running withdrawals are beginning…