Where did this week go??

The week totally got away from me… My last post was on Monday, then nothing til Saturday! What the heck?

Tuesday this happened…



Wednesday morning…

And my girls started CrossFit!! How cool is that!


After they spent the day with me at work, lunch with my mom and an office picnic with Amber.


Then we watched Bills Ice Bucket Challenge. Followed by Open House for the girlies!


Thursday morning’s CrossFit…

And my girlies started school.




Friday morning went a little like this… Followed by all the kids being home for the long weekend.



And Saturday morning CrossFit was a partner WOD with my sissy and Ms Amber was there rocking it after a ten mile run!!


And tommorow, rest.

By the way, I ran at CrossFit this morning, so I lost a bet with my sister, BUT my foot didn’t kill me afterward, so maybe next Friday, when I’m cleared to run again, I’ll be ready! Fingers crossed.

Monday Motivation

So I went to CrossFit twice today. The first time was awesome because, duh, it’s CrossFit. The second one was awesome because my sister taught the class and she’s seriously a badass. The afternoon class is filled with more seasoned CrossFitters and are total beasts, totally motivating working out with them. And today I hit my very first Hand Stand Push-ups!!! Hurray.

But here are some pics for a little motivation!!!








Sunday Meal Prep!!

My favorite Sundays, unless I’m at a race, are the ones where I finally get a day to sleep in, drink coffee, catch up in chores, make my meal plan for the week, grocery shop and meal prep. My entire week stays on track when my week begins like that.

Slept in, finally, first day all week I slept past 5. My body needed it. I get by on 6 hours of sleep each night, but love to indulge once a week in as much sleep as possible. Followed by lots of coffee and homemade almond milk.

I love to plan out the meals for the week, both what Bill & the kids will have for dinner and my food for the day. Then make my grocery list based off that. It saves money at the grocery store, keeps me from buying junk, and saves mid-week shopping for things I didn’t think of.

So after a little grocery shopping, I do my meal prep for my week day food. Having this prepped keeps me from skipping meals, eating out of the vending machine or noshing when I make it home.

Pre-CrossFit: Homemade Protein Bars
Breakfast: Banana Almond Butter Smoothie & Coffee
Snack: Grapes
Lunch: Lemon Pepper Mahi Mahi, yams and green beans
Snack: 2 boiled eggs
Dinner: Chicken Salad or Fajitas


Slime Run 5k

Today I WALKED the Slime Run 5k with Ms Amber. I hated that I had to walk. Like a lot. But I was glad that we still went. And as usual Amber is a blast to hang out with. Lots of gooey, stinky slime, plenty of cool blown up obstacles and a chilly slide with green freezing water. All in all a good morning. (Only 13 days left of this no running bullshit.)
















Overhead Squats!!!

Today was Overhead Squats and Ring Dips… Tough little workout on my already very sore thighs and butt (which honestly makes me very happy to feel sore!!!).

Soooo tired of not getting my run in. Ugh.

10 Reasons you Shouldn’t Marry a Runner/CrossFitter

As I sit in an Epson soak filled bathtub drinking down my protein drink I’m thinking about why any non-Runner/CrossFitter would ever want to be with/date/marry someone who does runs or does CrossFit…
1. Between CrossFit and running, it’s all I ever want to talk about.
2. I’m always sore. Therefore this sexy, ladylike walk that most women have, looks more like a hobble by the end of the week.
3. My hands look like I’m an old rancher, between the calluses, current open blisters and scabbed up blisters. Seriously, this is not sexy. My feet aren’t much better.
4. I wear compression socks to bed far more often than anything remotely sexy. And often a sports bra…
5. I have a constant split open sore on my ass from sit-ups… And it really hurts, a lot.
6. I take a small pharmacy everyday between the ibuprofen and naproxen for my foot, the 9 supplements, the protein and other stuff I need for my shakes, and the preworkout.
7. I own more workout clothes and shoes than work clothes.
8. I fall asleep every night in the middle of whatever movie or show I’m watching, forcing Bill to watch the same show over and over.
9. I’m ravenous everyday and eat more food than a football player, lugging my tote filled with food to work everyday. And I make separate meals for myself then my family every single day.
10. And when I miss a full day of CrossFit or running, I’m a freaking grouch.

I couldn’t help but evaluate this last night when watching a show with Bill. As he sits there, relaxed, watching the show blissfully. I sit there with an ice pack on my foot, elevated in the air, a heat pack on my back, a glass of wine exhausted and dreading my 4:20am alarm.

Bill tells me he doesn’t want to do anything that makes him move or sweat, I think he’s got a good point. But when I die, all crippled up and full of arthritis, I’ll know what badassery things I’ve done and that will be totally worth it.


The running withdrawals are beginning…

Day 3 of 21 of no running… CrossFit at 5am this morning, spinning while dinner was in the oven, and lots of ice/heat/Aleve… Yes, feeling a little crazy.

Running is my sanctuary. And it’s like a giant closed sign is hung on my church doors. Ugh.

But there are these two being adorable, who I snuggled during my normal running time while icing my foot this morning. 🙂


And I made this delicious banana almond butter smoothie this morning. Yum.