Survey Stress, Shitty Eating and Hot Runs…

Working in a Skilled Nursing Facility means that we are the second most federally regulated industry inside the United States, the first Aviation. Part of this regulation means that we go through an annual survey, which broken down simply means that a group of State surveyors come into our facility, go through every departments hard work for the last year and critique it. This is what every person that works in skilled nursing would consider hell week. Stress runs high, hours run long, and every manager worries about what could have been missed or handled incorrectly for an entire week, only get your citations for everything you’ve done wrong the final day.


Yesterday I did start the day out with a great CrossFit workout, followed by a very sloppy 3 mile run… Box jumps and overhead squats following a day of running stairs and back squats, left these legs tired and sore. And add the giant rope burn that is painfully healing to the mixture and my wimpy foot, makes for a weak sauce run. But I got the miles in, I didn’t die and was happier at the end of the day.

2014 686

So after limping into work, and getting my day started, in walks six women with briefcases and badges… Every employee in the building gasps, and knows that it has begun. 🙂 And it had. So last night, after making it through day one un-scathed, I did endulge in two glasses of wine.

The problem with two glasses of wine, instead of one, when that alarm goes off at 5am for the 6 mile run I need to get in and the added stress of walking into doomsday, I roll over and reset my alarm for 6:30. And back to sleep I went.

So now, after an 11 hour day, and the temperature outside sitting at 101, I will have to go and take my punishment for hitting that snooze button. Damn.

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