EveryMove Review

EveryMove is an app that I use to Pay it Forward. But EveryMove is really all about motivating people to move, no matter how they do it, and earn real rewards. EveryMove has rewards that you can earn via points that you get when literally just moving, whether that is running and CrossFitting or doing things like yard work or household chores. EveryMove syncs devices (like my Jawbone Up band or like the FitBit devices) and also syncs with other apps (I use MyFitnessPal & MapMyRun all the time, so it’s super convienent). So your data, whether you add it manually, or it syncs over, converts into points, which in turn earn you rewards. I usually use my points to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Major Taylor Project or the Outdoors For All Foundation, earning them about a dollar a week, doing nothing more than I normally do anyways. They have tons of other rewards too, like 35% off Cellucor products (which is the PreWorkout I already use) or $100 of a Rebel Treadmill (which is a treadmill desk that I am pretty sure I need at work). 

The coolest part to me is the bonuses you can earn by being more active, if I run and CrossFit then I earn an ‘Active Day’ bonus, worth even more points. 
And they connect you with other people that use the app. Showing you their points and progress so you can encourage one another. They also recap your progress every month so you can feel super awesome. 

For real, check it out and start earning!!!

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