Sleepy Pants McGee

So, I think my body decided to take matters into its own hands last night. After running the 5k Saturday, the Half Marathon Sunday, CrossFitting Monday, and finally CrossFit followed by 4 miles yesterday, my body gave up. I fell asleep on the coach and although I had 7 miles scheduled to run this morning, my body wanted nothing to do with it. I slept until 8am.


Now, all day all I could think about was how I was going to make up those damn 7 miles…


Soooo… CrossFit and 4 miles tomorrow. 7 miles Friday. 15 miles Saturday. And a 5k Sunday.


Lacamas Lake Half Marathon

Packet Pickup
Packet pickup is the day before at a local running shop that was amazing. Only after I left, spending $16 on gels did I find out we had a $15 gift certificate from the race packet. (Damn…)

None. The pickup was at a running shop. But there were some tents set up at the actual race. And thank goodness for that since my earbuds broke and they thankfully had some for sell there.

Concentrated heavily on hydration, which was a great call. Allowed myself a rest day Friday, which I think helped. Thai food with noodles the day before, at Portlands Saturday market. Yum. Slept well.



-Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3’s
– Cool, breathable tank and my fave breathable running capris
-OGIO 9.0 bag to bring my things to and from Portland
– Drymax Hyper Thin Mini Socks
-My iPhone and case that also holds my ID and a debit card, armband and new earbuds
– A handy Nathan armband to hold my gel (Hammer gel Raspberry flavor) and two Nuun tablets
– My Garmin

Volunteers/Fluids/Spectators/Entertainment/Post Race
Incredibly well set up. Plenty of volunteers and fuel/water stations. Hammer gels, which I didn’t need as I had plenty. No entertainment/bands which I never mind. Post race was incredibly set up plus everyone got a free beer.


The Actual Race
You start your pace and turn the corner, BOOM A GIANT HILL, totally unexpected. The race website says “gradual hills”, these were far from gradual. These were hell. And he’ll continued for 8 miles. At mile 8 though, things changed. The course turned into a gorgeous trail, through woods, along a lake, on a nice soft path. Terrific ending. Really cool medal.




Crazy hills at the beginning. Gorgeous trail at the end. Result 2:22. I’m Happy with that time.

(Finish Line)

Aloha 5k Race Recap

The Aloha 5k took place in Vancouver, Washington. It was a quaint little race. Not time chipped. No official starting line. We literally started in the grass. We were the only people dressed up. But we had a great time!

We stayed in Kalama at my mother and father in-laws. That morning June had the most amazing banana protein muffins imaginable.


Then off to the race!






Swedish Meatballs

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided
1 pound ground beef
1 pound ground pork
1/2 cup Panko
2 large egg yolks
1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
Salt & Pepper

1. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large skillet.
2. In a large bowl, combine ground beef, ground pork, Panko, egg yolks, allspice, nutmeg, salt & pepper. Combine with hands.

3. Form into meatballs.
4. Add meatballs, and cook until all sides are browned. Set on plate.

5. If desired, make gravy and replace meatballs to gravy.

6. Serve and ENJOY!!


Monday Motivation!!

This morning was a Cross Training day. My legs felt great! And the workout was tough!!! Here is a little Monday motivation and today’s workout!!






Long run, motivational moment & next weeks plan!

Started my morning at 5am, meeting my favorite BAM running partners down at the levee. Mandy and I had 14 miles to get into the books today, and knowing it was going to be a hot one, I was so thankful for her company. And it was a hot one, but a good one. And I may have fallen into the river while going to the bathroom.

After my run, a hot soak with Lavender Epsom Salts, some foam rolling, and some lacrosse ball release I snuggled into my blanket with some coffee and read a few blogs. One of my regular blogs was talking about why we run, what drives us to continue to follow our dreams (when days like a hot long run we question what the hell we are doing) and it made me think a lot about why I run and how I stay motivated.

I’ve posted before about why I run, in addition to wanting to live a long healthy life and inspire my baby girls to do the same. But I continue to run long distances, because it brings me peace. It fixes me on the inside. When my life is hard, stressful, unfair, cruel, or just too damn hard, a long run has always allowed me to figure my head out, to take the time to listen to my heart and to pound the anger, the pain, or the fear out. And that motivates me to continue. It’s me against me. It’s me fixing me. It’s the only way for me sometimes.


Well before I go finish up my meal planning & prep, which included these yummy oven fajitas.


And catch up on my housework and go grocery shopping, here is a recap of my miles this week and next weeks plan:

This week:
Monday: CrossFit
Tuesday: CrossFit & 4 mile run
Wednesday: 7 mile run
Thursday: CrossFit
Friday: REST! Slept in!!
Saturday: Dirty Dash 5k!!
Sunday: Long Run 14 miles
Total Miles: 28.1 miles

Planned for Next Week:
Monday: CrossFit
Tuesday: CrossFit & 4 mile run
Wednesday: 7 mile run
Thursday: CrossFit & 4 mile run
Friday: REST!
Saturday: Aloha 5k
Sunday: Lake Lakamas Half Marathon
Total Planned Miles: 31.2 Miles

Dirty Dash 5k Recap

Team BAM ran as The Three Little Pigs. And it totally was a very, very fun race. It was muddier than the one I did a two years ago and the obstacles were still intact and more fun.

It was in Spokane, so we headed up around 4:40am, as we were in the 8am heat and our packets hadn’t arrived. It was the perfect temperature out. And just warm enough that the cold water on some of the obstacles wasn’t torture.

Can’t wait for more races with my BAM team!