This week’s workouts…

Monday was a rest day, so I went to CrossFit, where we did sprints… So no rest day after all. πŸ™‚

Tuesday I was being a giant baby because it was the first week without the girls and didn’t run… Like I said, giant baby. And ended up not doing a damn thing at all. Well besides that thing I have from 8-5, called a job.Β 
Wednesday I slogged my lazy ass out for my scheduled five mile run and got over the fact that I do indeed have to share my girls for the summer. Running helped my boobfest and ultimately turned my week around.Β 
Thursday was the Run for the Sun 5k, which was big fun, so I got these 3 miles in plus a .1.Β 
Friday I made up for my pouting and got my 3 miles from Tuesday in.Β 
Saturday, today, I ran my longest run scheduled for this week, a 6 mile loop. I was a touch dehydrated by the end, need to either run with my handheld waterbottle, hydrate with more than coffee beforehand or run a loop near a drinking fountain. Because thinking about robbing an innocent fisherman for the ice you are sure is keeping their 9am beer cool is just plain rude.Β 
So this week: 17 miles which included a fun little 5k with my fav BAM gals. πŸ™‚Β 
The plan for next week:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: CrossFit & 3 mile run
Tuesday: 6 mile run
Wednesday: CrossFit & 3 mile runΒ 
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 11 mile long run
Saturday: Light it Up 5k (it’s at night!!!!)

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