Our Trip to Maui

After the half marathon, we literally returned home to fly out the next morning to Maui. 

From home it’s a one hour flight to Seattle, an hour lay over, and an additional 6 hour flight. But with the lay over, it was only 11am when we arrived. Got our car and headed to the hotel. 

And because the hotel looked like it was straight out of a magazine, I made you a faux magazine spread of it. And, within minutes we saw a lizard, just crawling around… See the third mag’ spread below. 

After checking into the resort we headed to lunch. After asking some locals about dinner decided on a restraunt called MALA, where the food was incredible, the staff amazing, and right off the shore we saw our first six, HUGE, sea turtles. 

The rest of the night we enjoyed the resort, the pools, the poolside bar, the cabana and the ocean… 

Let me tell you, this place is every bit the hype you hear. It’s stunning. It’s relaxing. It’s paradise. 

Day two, we headed over to the Pacific Whale Foundation, which was pretty cool, as far as aquariums go. The money they raise their goes to protect the whales and the environment, which is cool in itself. 

(This is the closest we got to swimming with sharks.) That afternoon we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out by the pool/ocean… 

Bill and I may have  had a few too many Mai tai’s, made friends with some really cool strangers and invited them back to our room… The following morning these three pics were on my phone.

Wednesday morning Bill was dying… Like super, super cannot get outif bed, or walk, or eat without getting violently sick… So while he slept it off, I spent the morning reading a great book in a cabana, eating a terrific breakfast, drinking coffee and watching the ocean. 

When Bill got to feeling a little better and could hold down some food, we headed out to the Whalers Village. 

We ate at a terrific restaurant, Lahanis. Their ahi was terrific, right on the ocean, afterward a giant rainbow was over the village. 

Then we walked the beach. 

Then headed back to the resort for the sunset and more oceanside relaxation. 

The following morning we headed out to go snorkeling. 

The first stop was Molokini which is a crater, in the middle of the ocean, covered in coral, and filled with fish. My first time snorkeling was amazing. Bills experience involved a lot of inhalation of salt water. 

The second stop was over a coral garden with turtles. Again, it was just amazing to see. The fish was to right by you, not alarmed at all. Incredible. I would do this again, a million times over, Bill probably would prefer to never wear a snorkeling mask again. 

We went to Honu the last night for dinner, another local restaurant tucked back on a side street, seriously amazing food. Headed back for one more night in the pools, relaxed and watched the ocean. This place is truly paradise. 

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