CDA Marathon Plan!!

First, hydrate. Yes, this week will be filled with lemon infused water, even downloaded a silly little app to track my water. Super Nerd. And, no wine all week…. My thought process on this is that the wins dehydrates me, which defeats the water drinking I’ll be focused on. Who really knows though, this is just an assumption. 

Second, make a packing checklist:
Overnight Oats
Pre-cut Lemons
Water Bottle
Nuun Tablets
Garmin & Charger
Headband & Hat (depending on weather)
Hair Tie
Ear Buds
iPhone & Charger
(Remember cash & ID in phone for race)
Phone Arm Band
Grey Capris
Long Sleeve UA shirt
Mommy Needs a Run Tee
UA Tank
UA Sports Bra
Compression Socks
New Running Jacket
Rock Tape
Deep Blue
Hand Water Bottle
Flip Flops
UA Sweats
Cotton Sports Bra
UA Sweatshirt
Lunch Pail
Third, this weeks plan:
Monday: Easy 5 mile loop
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  Easy 4 mile loop
Thursday:  Easy 4 mile loop
Friday:  Easy 3 mile loop
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: MARATHON!!!!!

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