"Why do you do this??"

More than any other question that I am asked, I get asked why? Why do you run marathons? Why did you start running marathons? What the hell are you thinking? 

I run because I’m able to. I know reading that last sentence is like a big, DUH, moment for the question asker. But when I say it, I mean it from a much deeper perspective. 
My grandmother died at a very young age from a genetic disorder, Huntington’s disease, that slowly stripped her first of her ability to walk, her ability to talk, and finally her ability to eat.  And it wasn’t until I watched the woman I viewed as Wonder Woman being stripped of the things you and I take  for granted every day that I truly realized how lucky I am every day that I am able to run. 

Now, working in a rehab and long term care facility, I am surrounded by people every day that cannot walk, struggle to breath and certainly cannot run. Every day I am reminded of my good fortune to be healthy. 

So yes, I run because so many people can’t. 

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