Habit #1 of 10: Take Responsibility

Been doing a little reading on another blog that I follow, Marks Daily Apple, and you are about to hear a lot more about it. One of the things I’m going to be focusing on this week is his writing about 10 Habits of Highly Successful Hunters-Gathers. I know you are thinking, “wtf, hunters-gathers??” but his entire teaching is about living a more Primal life, ranging from our behaviors, our eating, and our exercise habits. But rather than write a huge essay on what he’s teaching, I’m breaking it down into the things I find the most interesting or have the most impact in my life right now. Some of it relates to Marathon Running, some of it doesn’t… ๐Ÿ™‚

Habit #1: Take Responsibility
This is what Mark says about this: “When you stop distracting yourself with what belongs to other people, you can focus on your own life. When you own where youโ€™re at in said life, youโ€™re empowered to move forward in it. When you place power in your life elsewhere, however, youโ€™ve chosen to relinquish that power. Youโ€™ve given it away. (Link here.)

When it comes to many areas of my life I could easily place blame… And I have. When is comes to running it goes a little like this: “My race times aren’t as good as they should be because… I don’t have time to train all the time or I’m a busy mom if two little girls or My job demands a lot from me…” You name it. But the reality is this, I make time to Facebook, I watch TV at night, heck I make time to do this… So the reality is, I could run more, I could be faster, but only I can make it a priority in my life… No more excuses. The responsibility is mine.ย 
This morning was a four mile tempo run. Slept in too late for yoga which my back didn’t appreciate… Tonight the girlies had a softball scrimmage.

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