No such thing as too much coffee…

My schedule was all messed up today. Everyone that reads this thing knows my schedule is so routine, I may as well be 90 years old. But today my schedule went a little something like this…

5am, alarm goes off, I do not hit snooze, instead I shut the alarm off. And GO BACK TO SLEEP. So, instead I wake up at 6:30… Shoot. So I rush the girls around and out for the bus. Thankfully there was enough time for my morning housework and yoga. Thank goodness for yoga, as my back and I are finally back on speaking terms. 

Then this happened…

All 12 cups of it… Yup a full pot. This is seriously some delicious coffee. Then off to work. Which was another crazy busy day. And Haili had a school play. My sister, her baby, my brother, my dad and my mom all came. It was great. On the way, my sister picked me up a coffee. Ha!!!!

Wrapped up the day at work. At 4 headed home and decided, since I was still having a huge caffeine situation, to run sprints. Felt really good. At 5:30 the girls had softball practice until 6:30. Thankfully during my morning housework I prepped a crock pot dinner, so it was ready when we got home otherwise we would’ve ended up eating something less healthy. Recipe to come. 

And now, snuggled down with this sweet wine. 

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