US Road Running Ambassadorship!!!

Today I was notified that I was selected to be a US Road Running Ambassador!! I am the only one in a Washington state and there isn’t one in Idaho either, so my races extend across the river! 

Being an Ambassador is similar to a sponsorship, but with some stipulations to your agreement. Such as with this Ambassadorship. Yes, they will cover your race entries, but you have to post/blog/talk about the races you run, attempt to partner the race with US Road Running, and generally talk to people at races about their website. Deal. 

Rest day for me today, just some yoga this morning. Felt good to stretch out, but lame to not run. 
Breakfast was a green smoothie. I switched out my regular banana for some fresh strawberries. Yum. 
Lunch was a black bean patty on a sandwich thin with 1T BBQ sauce and 1oz almonds. No afternoon snack since I wasn’t running. And dinner was BBQ chicken, a whole grilled onion, and a small head of grilled romaine lettuce. Mmmmmm…. Good. 
Have I mentioned how much I adore these little ladies? 
I pre-made my dinner for tomorrow night (the girlies have softball practice), prepped my breakfast and made some Almond Milk. Boom. 

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