A Typical Monday

Every morning starts with coffee. I drink usually 2-4 cups depending on the day. I use 1/4c Almond Milk in each cup. 

This morning I did not wake up to do my yoga… Spring break definitely messed with my morning routine… Damn. My back needed some yoga this morning. Ate some delicious Overnight Oats in my morning meeting. These seriously give me so much energy it’s crazy. 
I’m seriously digging on water with lemons in it. I bet I drank 10 of these today. Yum. 
Then, Bill picked me up for lunch. We ate at the local park. I packed a chicken breast I had grilled this morning in the Foreman and 1 cup of delicious strawberries. 
Around I had a delicious Trio bar to have some energy on my run. These are really good. 
And a Nuun tablet for electrolytes. 
After a terrific run I followed it up with a Homemade Almond Butter Protein Bar. These are soooo delicious. 
And finally, for dinner Garlic Chicken Pasta. It’s fast, it’s easy and after the girls’ softball practice when they are hungry, IT IS TOTALLY PERFECT. 

I won’t show you the picture of the glass of wine I will be sipping on after the girlies go to bed. 🙂 so there you have it, typical Monday. 

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